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The global pandemic resulted in the shutdown of schools across the country. As Indian Government announced the lock down, education shifted to an online platform. This shift was new to most teachers and students and the sudden change in the methods of teaching resulted in some doubts about the feasibility and effectiveness of the method. However, over the course of the session, new situations presented themselves that led to the development and learning of new apps and procedures. The assessment and examination patterns also changed and systematic accumulation of data started.

Online platforms presented a great opportunity for more output and retention of both teachers and students. The travelling time was cut down and everyone could work from the luxury of home. Online study also presented a great chance for using e-resources as a method of learning. Students and teachers can accomplish more in less time due to lesser distractions and their one to one interaction has increased.

At Greenways, we have adopted this method of teaching owing to COVID-19. All these changes were seen in our staff and students prominently. Productivity increased significantly and now the staff and students are a lot more tech savy as well. Along with these online classes, though, Greenways also introduced techniques to build a friendly environment with our students by organising activities and competitions regularly. Virtual Classrooms also used visual aids to make the lectures more interesting.

Since, the opening of Greenways, we have worked as a team in the area of education. Our results tell a story of our success. Our staff is not the one to slack in any area, be it online or offline. We have the best of facilities, not only in terms of our well developed infrastructure, but also, the implementation of new ideas for an all round development of a child.

We are confident that here, at Greenways, we will leave no stone unturned in the success of your child.

Mukesh Kumar Agarwal


(B.Sc.,LL.B.,B.Ed., M.C.A.,

Certified by Google Digital Marketing and Tag Manager)

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